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feels blessed to help others through her God-given gift of speaking. Her "Give 'em Heaven!" philosophy inspires others to find their joy!
Lacy Matthews

Christian Conferences

Lacy Reeves believes that she is called to help others and does this through her gift of speaking. God has given her a fascinating life filled with incredible opportunities as well as significant storms. Along the way, it was God who revealed to her the purpose of those storms and how to survive them. Lacy believes, “He combined my gift of gab and my love of people with my pain to bring hope to others.”

If you have a Christian event, this dynamic speaker and woman of God can be utilized as a keynote speaker or facilitator for breakout sessions. Whether she is addressing a stadium filled with people or a small group at a women’s retreat, Lacy invites God to work through her to help others.

Her testimony speaks directly to those who feel broken and to those trying to help them. Her life is proof that God never abandons us and that He goes wherever He is invited.

“Lacy's faith has shown me that as daughters of the King, we can confidently approach God with what seems like impossible requests. Her testimony reminds us He can turn the worst of circumstances into something beautiful, and she is a walking example of that very thing. Lacy is truly beautiful, and her joy is contagious.”

~ Monica Swoboda
South East Christian Church-Colorado

“Lacy allows the Lord's light to shine through her in everything she does. She's been through many trials in her life but she has stood firm in her faith of Jesus Christ and is truly a woman after HIS own heart and she certainly touched mine!”

~ Megan Lake
Youth For Christ Missionary-Belguim