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lives in Denver, Colorado with her son, Chase and dog, Disney. She collects hearts, loves a good belly laugh, and tries not to let a day go by without at least one piece of chocolate.
Lacy Matthews

Meet Lacy

Remember the infamous question we all were asked growing up? "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Do you remember your answer? Mine was always the same: "I'm going to be a teacher in the winter and a movie star in the summer." I was confident in my abilities to do both, but too young to understand that life didn’t work that way.

There was within me an internal battle. I longed to be someone who would leave my mark on the world through teaching. I believed then, and still do today, that teaching is a noble profession and one of great service. Yet, at the same time, I was drawn to the spotlight and dreamed of being in it. This "internal tug-of-war" has forever been a part of who I am.

Just weeks after graduating with a degree in social work, I competed in the Miss America Pageant. I didn’t capture the title, but what an experience! I returned home and began my career as a social worker at a children’s home, in geriatrics and in hospice. I loved my work, but when the phone rang and the caller requesting I audition for an opening at the local television station, this social worker left her comfort zone and jumped at the chance to be back in the spotlight.

It was a fluke, no doubt, but I got the job as a television anchor and reporter. I later landed the spokesmodel role for the first season of “The John Elway Show” in Denver, Colorado. Once in the spotlight, the internal battle continued. I now felt a tugging at my heart so strong, I eventually left the limelight to return to social work and the clients that I cherished and missed so much.

Decades and many memories later, I find myself in what I consider to be the perfect career. I thought what I wanted was to be famous, but I came to understand it was a calling to use my voice and life experiences to help others. The internal battle is over. Now I share the lessons from my life and I do it with a microphone in my hand. I guess you could say I’m exactly what I’m supposed to be… now that I’m all grown up!