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earns admiration from audiences not because she reveals 3 steps to success or 10 leadership qualities, but because they connect with her honesty. Hearing her story is like a powerful "come-from-behind-underdog" movie. Pass the popcorn and prepare to be inspired!

Lacy Matthews

Inspirational Keynotes

Lacy Reeves reminds us that storms are an inevitable part of life. For some, it is a constant drizzle that erodes the spirit. For others, it is a direct hit from a lightning bolt which comes out of nowhere and changes your life forever. Or perhaps it is like a hurricane that you know is coming but can do nothing to stop it.

It is these very storms that have made Lacy’s life a compelling story as well as an inspiration to others. As she shares the defining moments of her life, you may find yourself wiping away tears. For some they are tears of laughter, for others it’s because she struck a nerve. Ultimately, her message is not about conquering the storms; it’s about getting through them.

You will leave with a new perspective on dealing with the storms of life as well as their ugly aftermath. You will also gain insight on how to be an “umbrella” for others caught in a storm of their own.

Lacy's "down-to-earth" style is both captivating and entertaining. Her refreshing attitude is a living testimony to embracing each day—no matter what the forecast!

�Every person made it a point of letting us know just how very much your presentation contributed to the success of our Awards Dinner. This included franchisees, corporate staff, vendor participants and the elite list of speakers from throughout the United States.

You not only touched on the important points we discussed in advance, you really brought them home! We will recommend you every opportunity we get! Any company who wishes to touch the hearts and souls of their associates can benefit from your story and your honest and thought provoking style. We laughed, we cried, but most importantly we grew as individuals!�

~ Debra Rodriguez
Better Back Stores, Director of Franchise Development