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gets participants involved, helping others as they consider what changes they could make to "raise the bar" on their own success.

... a one-of-a-kind workshop.
Lacy Matthews

“The Power of Finding the Strengths in Yourself and in Others”

In this one-of-a-kind workshop you will reflect on two very different but equally important questions:

Do you make others happy when you enter a room, or when you leave? This fascinating workshop taps into an often unknown or unused skill that gives you the ability to instill confidence in those around you. It will teach you the value of finding and focusing on your strengths and those of others. When you become a builder of people it automatically puts you in the first category… people will be glad to see you coming!

What does your history have to do with your future? This part of the workshop illustrates how reflecting on our past can make us even more successful in the future. Learn how to override the many negative messages of the world with positive self-talk and you will leave with a renewed hope in the human spirit.

Participants will have a unique and interactive experience that will serve them well both professionally and personally.

You Will:

  • Get commitment not just compliance, in all of your relationships.
  • Create relationships built on respect and substance, making them more meaningful and more likely to withstand future conflict.
  • Understand the power of finding the positive in your life and in others. Become more effective in dealing with negative people that are toxic to themselves, teams and organizations.
“As Program Director for the Healthcare Businesswoman's Association, Southern California Chapter, I get exposure to numerous speakers and consultants, and I can say Lacy Reeves has set a new standard for the quality of programs that we offer. Lacy drew the largest crowd in the history of our chapter, and the evaluations were the highest of any program the HBA has put on.

In a time when most speakers and consultants seem to all have similar topics and materials that are presented in slightly different ways, Lacy is a breath of fresh air. Lacy's Signature Workshop is different: She challenges people to think about how they are percieved, providing an unforgettable experience that people will take with them for the rest of their lives. For any organization, Lacy motivates people with stories from her life, and cause them to open up, connect and walk away inspired to be a better person at work and at home. You will be touched, you will have fun and after just a few hours with Lacy you too will want to be known as the positive, optimistic person, others want to be around! Lacy is one of the most entertaining and talented speakers. The content of her workshop is relevant to business as much as it is to personal lives. ”

~ Jill Schulman
Board of Directors and Program Director
Heathcare Business Women's Association, Southern California Chapter